The Pleasure of the Garden Seasons
As the seasons are not well defined in West Kerry with its mild winters, Rosemarie starts seeding the flowers in her polytunnel quite early – January or February. After several weeks the young plants are ready to go outside.
If there are favourable weather conditions some plants start flowering in late May and in summer the garden is glorious when in full bloom. This is the busiest time of year, tending the garden, collecting the flowers and making the infusions and extracts.
Working in the garden gives so much pleasure…the colours, the fragrances, the buzzing of the bees, the rustling of the trees and of course the peace and quiet away from everyday life.
At Harebell Herbs we believe that the healing properties of plants are enhanced by organic cultivation using biodynamic principles. Our plants are tended with love and care, ensuring that their healing essences are carefully preserved during the extraction process.
What is Biodynamic Principles?
Biodynamic Principles are based on the awareness of the importance of the position of the moon. The moon influences animal and human behaviour, the tides and the growth of all things. Biodynamic methods involve the use of organic manures and composts and exclude any artificial chemicals, fertilisers and insecticides.
‘Gardening by the moon’ involves seeding, tending and harvesting upon predetermined days linked to the moon. The Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar by Maria & Matthias Thun gives us valuable guidance for our daily work.